Welcome to the homepage of AB-Dental Dentistry and Oral Surgery Centre

Our family-based dentistry practice started in 1997 and since then it has become a dynamically growing enterprise in the field of dentistry and dental technology. 

We have two dentistry and oral surgery consulting rooms, one is in the capital of Baranya county, Pécs, a university town known for its mediterranean climate, historical monuments, museums and cultural programs; the other is in the world-famous spa town Harkány, near the Siklós-Villány wine-district. 

We strive to provide for our patients full-scale dental and oral surgical services, including conservational dentistry as well as prothetic and parodontolgical treatments using the most up-to-date materials, equipment and technology. Dental prostheses made by us under full warranty follow the highest European standards and they are continuously supervised by dental technicians. As a special field, we are also engaged in orthodontics and dento-alveoral surgery. In our treatment units we perform dental implant operations on regular basis, combined, if necessary, with maxillofacial reconstruction and bone grafting.

We were the first in this region to introduce the Camlog system that was developed by the renowned German implantologist Axel Kirsch and which is ahead of all known technologies in the rapidly growing field of dental implantology. The special machines and equipment we employ to perform these operations are among the world’s leading models. We seek to serve our patients’ health and give them satisfaction by permanently developing our practice and continuously training ourselves. As a result of our development work, in August 2009 we opened our consulting room in Harkány with two new treatment units equipped with digital dignostic technology. This made it possible for us to run, and for our patients to avail themselves of, the only dental practice in the region with two consulting rooms and five treatment units equipped with latest high-tech machines.

Ours is a reference practice of the German firms Sirona and Camlog, producing respectively dental machines and the aforementioned dental implants.  

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either in person or by telephone or email. 

We look forward to receiving our former and new patients in the consulting rooms of Dentistry and Oral Surgery Centre.


Dr. Balázs Nagy
Leader of practice