AB-Dentál Fogorvosi és szájsebészeti Centrum Harkány


Dentistry and Oral Surgery Center

Our family-based dentistry practice started in 1997 and since then it has become a dynamically growing enterprise in the field of dentistry and dental technology.

We have two dentistry and oral surgery consulting rooms, one is in the capital of Baranya county, Pécs, a university town known for its mediterranean climate, historical monuments, museums and cultural programs; the other is in the world-famous spa town Harkány, near the Siklós-Villány wine-district. More

Our clinics with two treatment rooms in Harkány and three in Pécs, which are equipped with a digital diagnostic background and the current state-of-the-art technology of dental machines, allow us to perform our patient care activities at a high level.
In addition to general conservative dental, prosthetic and periodontal treatments, we specialize in orthodontics, which we also perform in childhood and adulthood, as well as oral surgery and implantation.

In our offices, we provide the patients who turn to us with the use of the most modern materials, tools and technologies.

With more than 20 years of practice, we routinely perform implant and oral surgeries on a daily basis, if necessary in conjunction with jaw reconstruction and bone replacement.

Our surgeries are the reference surgeon of the world-famous Swedish Nobel Biocare and its subsidiary, the Israeli Alpha Bio tec, which, through their constant developments, are ahead of all known technologies. Our special machines and devices, essential for these surgeries, are currently among the world’s leading models.

In addition to pediatric orthodontics, we specialize in adult orthodontics, which we perform with aesthetic devices using the most modern technologies, especially in addition to the aesthetics of the teeth and the aesthetics of the face and soft parts. Each treatment is designed individually, taking into account individual characteristics. The X-rays required for the planning of the treatments are taken with a digital X-ray device in the X-ray room set up in our offices.

In August 2017, our practice in Pécs was expanded with a dental laboratory, headed by Tamás Nagy, a dental technician with more than 26 years of dental experience. Today, our dental works are made almost exclusively with digital CAD / CAM technology, which is increasingly replacing traditional dental technologies. Computer work planning, the use of 3D metal and plastic printers, and multi-axis milling machines can guarantee the accuracy of dental work at the nanometer level.

In addition to providing a high level of patient care work in our own surgeries, our dental laboratory also undertakes the preparation of their dental work for external dental practices.

You can feel free to contact us in person, by phone or by e-mail with your questions.

We are still waiting for our old and new patients in all the surgeries of the AB-Dental Dental and Oral Surgery Center!

Dr. Anikó Vörös and Dr. Balázs Nagy

Owners of the AB-Dental Dental and Oral Surgery Center


Dr. Med. Dent. Balázs Nagy

Dentist, Oral surgeon, Implantologist

In 1997, I graduated degree from the Department of Dentistry of the Medical University of Pécs. After graduation, I settled in Harkány, next to Dr. István Barla Szabó, as a dentist.

In 1998 he was admitted to the Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery of the Medical University of Pécs, where as a clinical doctor I was actively involved in the care of outpatient and dental surgery patients and in the education of dental students,  and in parallel in the prosthetics department as a practice leader I helped with the practical training of dentistry students.

In 1999, I passed the specialist exam for Dentists and Oral Diseases, and then, in addition to my clinical work, I took over the management of the Harkány practice as an independent dentist.

Together with my wife, Dr. Aniko Vörös, from the very beginning, our goal has been the complex dental and oral rehabilitation of our patients, using the full scope of dental science where possible.

I have been fortunate to learn from many domestic and international authorities, to take part in shorter or longer professional trips.

When choosing my further training, it has always been in my mind to acquire internationally recognized knowledge, with which we can provide the same high level of care in our practices, both professionally and technically, as in much more developed parts of the world for dentists. .

In 2007, I also obtained my professional examination in Dento and Alveolar Surgery with an excellent qualification.

In 2001, we also opened our private practice in Pécs, initially with one and now with 3 operating chairs. From then on, I carried out dental patient care exclusively on a private basis. In 2009, we opened our new 2-chair office in Harkány, equipped with the most modern machines and equipment of the age, and in August 2017 we opened our dental and oral surgery center in Pécs, expanded with a dental laboratory and an independent X-ray practice. From now on, we will try to help our patients and medical colleagues in Pécs, Harkány and the region, both in the field of dentistry and dental technology, as one of the largest private dental practices in the region.

After two professional exams and soon 25 years of practical experience, my goal is to gain even more knowledge and practical experience, so that in the future I can serve not only the patients who turn to us, but also the emerging, thirsty, generations of dentists.

Dr. Med. Dent. Anikó Vörös

Dentist, Orthodontist

I graduated in 1997 from the Department of Dentistry of the Medical University of Pécs. Subsequently, I was admitted to the Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery of the University of Pécs as a clinical doctor. After learning more about the different specialties of dentistry and gaining practical experience, in 1999 I passed the specialist exam for Dentists and Oral Diseases. After that, I continued my medical activity, focusing on orthodontics.
In addition to the Orthodontics Department of the Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery of the University of Pécs, I mastered the “mysteries” of orthodontics in the private practice of Dr. Gizella Rehák, the largest authority in Hungary.
I have been working with our husband, Dr. Balázs Nagy, in our offices in Pécs and Harkány since 2004.
I am constantly participating in domestic and foreign professional congresses and trainings, so that I can always treat the patients who turn to me using the most up-to-date techniques and developments.

Tamás Nagy

Master of dental technique

Master of dental technique
Ivett Balla

Dental assistant

Dental assistant
Zsófia Takács

Dental assistant

Dental assistant

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Within the framework of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program, AB-DENTÁL Dental and Oral Surgery Limited Liability Company, based on the call “Support for Capacity Building Investments in Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” announced by the Ministry of National Economy on 02 December 2016, received support:

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