In our practice, we have been providing orthodontic treatments for both children and adults for almost 20 years. While in childhood we mainly follow the change of teeth, the corresponding growth of the jawbone, in adulthood, in addition to the restoration of function, aesthetics also play a big role.

During adult orthodontic treatments, in addition to the aesthetic need, taking into account medical and health aspects, we can create a harmonious, beautiful tooth, which is very important not only for the aesthetics of the face, but also for the whole appearance.

Regardless of age, a healthy and harmonious smile is important!

We help to achieve this, with our expertise and more than 20 years of professional experience, for the patients who turn to us.

To achieve the desired result, orthodontic treatments often need to be supplemented with other dental treatments (eg, aesthetic dental treatments, tooth structures, dental prostheses, oral surgery, tooth extraction, etc.), which are also available in our practices.

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